Road Closer Info

Road Closer Info

3K Fun Run/Walk starts at 8:00am. Runners and walker take from 10-40 minutes to finish the race.

The 8K Race (5 Miles) starts at 9am. The fastest runners will finish in about 25 minutes, the slower runners in about 1 hour 30 minutes.

For both races, traffic will be restricted on the Iron Bridge and to Shelburne’s Memorial Hall from 6-11am


Bridge St. from Main to Water 6-11am

Bridge Street from Main to Maple 8:05-9:15am

The Iron Bridge 7-11am

Deerfield Avenue 8am - 11am

In roughly 10 minute increments the following will be temporarily closed:

North Maple St: 8:05-8:15 & 9:03-9:13

Church St (N. Maple to Mechanic) 8:07-8:17 & 9:05-9:15

Mechanic St (Church to Hope) 8:08-8:18 & 9:05-9:15

Hope St 8:09-8:19 & 9:06-9:16

Main St (Hope to Water) 8:10-8:20 & 9:07-9:17

Water St 8:11-8:23 & 9:08-9:20

Clement St 9:09-9:35

Crittenden Hill Road 9:12-9:45

Rand Rd 9:16-9:35

North St 9:20-10:15

-These are best estimates.